Stage 1 - Before

Any-Fin Modern Water Garden Maintained

Stage 2

Any-Fin Modern Pond Servicing

Stage 3

Any-Fin Modern Pond Clean Service

Stage 4 - After

Any-Fin Modern Maintained Pond

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Water Garden Maintenance and Re-design - Sonning, Berkshire

Stage 1 - Initial Call out, where we can assess the work to be carried out and discuss which service would be best suited for the outcome you would like to achieve

Stage 2 As progress is made throughout the day we drain the pond down using high-tech equipment sucking up sediment, waste and blanket weed amongst others. During this stage we strip the pond back before we pressure wash all surfaces to bring it back to its natural former glory.

Stage 3 This is where the aesthetics and design takes place once the pond is fully cleared and cleaned. Here we have added raw materials such as new pillars, pond foliage, lilies and reeds. We also added a central fountain to give it a stately feel.

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